Video: A Taste Of Jacked Foods

promotional video jacked foods

We’re excited to share a short promotional video that we feel encapsulates our recent rebrand and our company perfectly! As we build up to the launch of our all new dried fruit product range, we wanted to provide a little taste of Jacked Foods and an insight into what to expect from our new healthy snacks.

Exciting, fun and full of energy is how we would describe this video and these are all things that resonate in our three founders. The video signifies what we are about here at Jacked Foods, innovation and standing out. We’re sure that our customers won’t have tasted anything quite like what our new products have to offer, with four flavoursome and unique combinations just around the corner.

Our team has been honing the recipes for our new range this year and the products are very close to hitting shelves and online stores. The video provides a mouth watering sneak peek at what’s to come from Jacked Foods. A few things that the promotional video touches on is our tree planting initiative and the fact that each of our new products is less than 110 calories per pouch.

Become Familiar With Jacked Foods – Click Play!

If you have yet to get to know our company, this video may just be the ideal place to start! We absolutely love the way that our products, packaging and brand is showcased in this video and feel that it really shows off our vibrant new look. If you like what you see, why not check out the rest of our website in anticipation of the release of our all new dried fruit product range?

Everything from the stunning visuals to the quirky sound effects to the transitions between shots comes together to provide a fantastic viewing experience and presentation of our new dried fruit range. Check it out today and let us know what you think by mentioning us or sharing a link to this blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Adam Stephenson for creating this clip for us, as it’s material that we will happily recycle until the next rebranding of our dried fruit company. In our opinion, the more times that the video is seen by our partners and customers, the better! You can expect more insights into our new range as the launch approaches and the pouches are made available for purchase.

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