Vegan Gift Hamper Ideas For Christmas!

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The festive season is very much upon us! In preparation for Christmas celebrations in 2021, we’d like to share some of our top vegan gift hamper ideas. Last year, there were restrictions due to the coronavirus but this year should look a bit more familiar for us all! If you’re looking for some amazing gift ideas, whether you wish to put together your very own hamper or provide a thoughtful individual gift, read on to discover some incredible Christmas vegan present suggestions.

Natural Dried Fruit Snacks From Jacked Foods!

dried fruit selection box

Where else is there to start? If you’re wanting to add some food bits to your vegan Christmas hamper, look no further than Jacked Foods! Our completely natural, low-calorie and, of course, vegan-friendly dried fruit products are the perfect addition to any hamper. Reasonably priced and nutrient packed, our snacks will add something extra special to your hampers this year.

Not only will the recipient be thankful upon tasting our healthy dried fruit, but they’ll also be appreciative of the fact that you’ve discovered a go-to snack that can be enjoyed into the new year. Should you wish to go all out on the dried fruit front and give them a full taste of the new Jacked Foods range, consider our popular selection box. This vegan gift contains the following:

When it comes to variety and taste, our dried fruit range can’t be beaten this Christmas!

Candles From Vegan Bunny

vegan candle

Consider adding a candle, or selection of candles, to your hamper! Help the recipient of your hamper create a serene ambience and let the wonderful aromas whirl with candles from Vegan Bunny. This particular candle provider offers some terrific products, all of which are vegan, with specific collections such as ‘Christmas candles’ and ‘vegan bakery candles’ to consider. A product that the team here at Jacked Foods love is their all natural Lavender Soy Candle, priced at just £8.

Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera

A Christmas gift hamper idea that can be purchased through one of our stockists, Holland & Barrett. Dr Organic’s Aloe Vera Gel, priced at £5.99 for 200ml, is a consideration that we’d definitely make, if we were putting together a vegan hamper. You also have the option to add either cucumber or tea tree, for an extra £1.

This natural beauty product is used by both women and men, making it the ideal inclusion if you are providing a gift hamper or basket for a husband and wife or the whole family. Used to soothe, refresh and replenish skin. Order Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel today and add it to your hamper.

Vegan Soap Collection – Theo’s Planet

vegan soa gift set

If you’re looking to add something for bathtime to your vegan hamper gift, take a look at Theo’s Planet Vegan Soap Gift Set. Priced reasonably at £19.95, all of the soaps included are made from a palm oil free base and contain rapeseed stearic as well as coconut oil. The set is handmade by Vegan Friendly Gift Shop and is available through their website. As a gift set, this suggestion will be enjoyed well into 2022.

Vegan Tea From Bird & Blend Tea

loose vegan tea

Ah it’s time to kick back and enjoy some vegan-friendly tea! Bird & Blend Tea provides a very nice range of loose leaf vegan teas, vegan and plastic free tea bags and decaf caffeine free vegan teas. Why not enjoy some vegan tea alongside our vegan-friendly fried fruit?

Here are some of the offerings from Bird & Blend Tea:

  • Gingerbread chai – ideal for Christmas time
  • Strawberry lemonade tea
  • Blue raspberry tea
  • Earl grey creme tea
  • Peppermint cream tea

Vegan Jewellery From Egret Jewellery

vegan jewellery

With over 400 pieces of vegan jewellery to choose from, Egret Jewellery is a great place to pick up the next individual item for your Christmas vegan hamper, if jewellery is what you’re after. With prices starting around £14, these ethically and naturally sourced items are well priced and aesthetically pleasing. A high quality item from this range could be the missing piece to your vegan hamper!

T-Shirts From Vegan Original

Vegan Original is a company that provides organic vegan apparel for women, men and children. They have a wide variety of ethically made t-shirts, which we think make a great addition to any hamper. All of their t-shirts are priced around £20, making them an affordable option to consider. T-shirts from Vegan Original are stylish and contain creative messages about looking after the environment. If you are putting together a hamper for her, take a look at their vegan friendly women’s t-shirts. If you’re seeking items to add to a hamper for him, browse their men’s t-shirts.

Enjoy Vegan Gift Hampers This Christmas!

Whether you are planning on giving a vegan gift hamper or you have hopes of receiving one this Christmas, the Jacked Foods team hopes you enjoy every item that features. Should you have any questions about including our dried fruit snacks in a hamper, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone, email or contact form. Merry Christmas from us all here and we look forward to providing you with vegan gifts well into the New Year.

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