Our founders Josh, Michael and Dil met when they were volunteering in Jinja, Uganda. 

During this time they came across fresh jackfruit for the first time and, intrigued by its distinctive look and size, tried it and loved it. They loved it so much that they visited farmers with the aim of bringing it back home to the UK market. Their only problem was… how were they going to transport this massive fruit?

They quickly realised how impractical it would be to import a fruit that can weigh up to 40kg, so they tried to find alternatives.

When they were told that the best way for the farmers to add value to their fruit was through drying it, the Jacked dream was born. They would sell dried fruits instead, therefore still allowing them to bring the unique tastes of Uganda to the streets of London (it would be a little easier to import, too!). All this while opening up new markets for the farmers of Uganda. It seemed like a win-win then, and still does today.

That is why Jacked is proudly different, creating innovative new products for consumers while opening up new, more lucrative markets for farmers.

OUR Founders

Josh recently graduated from King’s College London where he studied Philosophy.

Michael recently graduated from Durham University where he studied Economics. 

Dil recently graduated from Oxford University where he studied Engineering, Economics and Management.