Selection box




Product description

Try the whole range with this selection box that contains two of each of our products.

Under 110 calories per pack

Rich in vitamins A and C

High in fibre

1 of your 5 a day

Vegan friendly

Fully recyclable pouch


2 x Pineapple with grapefruit
2 x Mango with lime
2 x Jackfruit with lemon & lime
2 x Banana with cinnamon

Please see individual product pages for specific ingredient, nutritional and allergy information.

Why Order Our Selection Box?

The Jacked Foods selection box includes two of each of our four products, providing the perfect opportunity to try each distinctive flavour! 

If you are unsure about which of our products are for you, the selection box is the perfect way to determine your favourite dried fruit snack. Opting for the selection box is a good choice for those that have yet to try our delicious snacks, as you can compare the flavours instantly!

A Healthy Vegan Gift Idea

Our selection box is a perfect vegan gift! All of the products that feature in our selection box are gluten-free, contain under 110 calories per pouch and have no preservatives. 

Not only will the recipient get to enjoy an assortment of vegan snacks, but will also be able to enjoy our brand new packaging, which is full of colour and visual appeal. Also, on the back of the pack, they will find instructions on how to discover our fully traceable supply chain. All they have to do to find this information is head to our website and enter the three words shown on the back of the pouch. From there, they’ll be able to see the journey their vegan snack has been on, from farm to finger.

Have A Question? We’re All Ears!

To try our selection box, simply order it above. Alternatively, if you have any questions about this product, we are here to answer them. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.