At Jacked, we are passionate about sharing the tastes of Uganda with the world and are working with farmers to bring jackfruit, papaya and banana to new markets. By providing additional, more lucrative markets for their products, whole farming communities can flourish. Therefore, our customers have the opportunity to directly impact the farming communities of Uganda, all whilst enjoying our natural, healthy, and tasty products.

We are advocates of Direct Trade and have built personal relationships with our partners in Uganda. Our products are sourced from farming communities and our local partners support these groups by trading with them directly, and by teaching them Organic farming best-practices. Previously, a lack of demand in local markets meant that these farmers would have to sell their products for pennies. However, now these farmers are able to benefit from fair prices, in exchange for high-quality products.

Our founders have a desire to support development in Uganda, and believe in empowering farming communities. To achieve this, we have ethically sourced products from transitional farmers who are on the path to becoming organic certified. The process takes around three years, and during this time the farmers have to incur the costs of complying with the rigorous organic standard, all while being unable to benefit from the increased demand and premium prices that come with certification. Because of this, many farmers deem the transitional period too risky and so never become organic certified. Jacked supports those in transition by providing them with stable demand and fair prices, therefore lessening the perceived risk of the transition period.​

Together with our Ugandan partners, Jacked aims to help increase incomes, secure jobs and create new ones.


Here at Jacked, sustainability is something we take very seriously. It was in Uganda that our founders first learned about the devastating effect that deforestation is having in Eastern Africa.

Annet Nakyeyune, an environmentalist at Uganda’s Makerere University, recently stated that desertification as a result of deforestation is likely to ‘tamper with the country’s food security because rainfall will be erratic, floods rampant’. This is in addition to a whole host of other problems that deforestation leads to, such as the destruction of habitat, an increase in greenhouse gases, and an increase in soil erosion.

That is why every time you buy one of our packs, a tree will be planted in Uganda to ensure the country’s future environmental and economic sustainability.

To help us complete this bold mission, we are partnering with Trees for the Future. Check out their website to see how you are making a difference when you buy Jacked!