How We Use what3words In Our Traceable Supply Chain

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Jacked Foods is delighted to officially announce our partnership with what3words, who we are working with to provide a fully traceable supply chain. In this article, we explore exactly how we use the technology developed by what3words and give you an insight into how our traceable supply chain works.

About what3words

what3words was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing people with a more accurate way to talk about location. Whilst street addresses get people so far, what3words allows people to concisely locate an exact area, not just landmarks and buildings. They have divided the world into three metre squares and given each a unique combination of three words; known as a what3words address. what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations, accurate to the nearest three metres.

Today, millions of people use what3words to talk about location. Their technology has the power to save lives, for example when people become stranded in remote locations and need urgent medical attention.

An example of a what3words address is sleep.foam.blinding. This is the address for one of our farms in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

How We Use what3words In Our Traceable Supply Chain

We’ve used what3words to create a traceable supply chain, allowing our customers to find out exactly where the fruit in their pouch was grown, who grew it, and the journey it took to get to them. Or, as we like to put it: from farm to finger.

Follow these step by step instructions on how to trace the journey of your fruit pouch below:

  • Find the unique what3words address on the back of your Jacked Foods pouch.
  • Visit our traceable supply chain page. A link to the page can also be found on the back of your pouch.
  • Enter the what3words address into the text area on the traceable supply chain page and click the ‘trace my fruit’ button.

trace my fruit and what3words address area

It’s that simple! Once you click on the button, you will be shown a map of the world, which contains clickable pins. These red pins signify a different stage in our traceable supply chain. We will now take a closer look at what you can expect to find out by clicking on each pin and from each stage of our supply chain.

From Farm To Finger: An In-Depth Look

We are using the ///sleep.foam.blinding what3words address as an example here, which is an address that you can expect to see on our pineapple with grapefruit pouches. Here, we take a look at each pin revealed by entering the sleep.foam.blinding address and explore what you will find along the way.

Gongo Farm – Bagamoyo, Tanzania

gongo farm
The first point on this particular supply chain is the farm at which our pineapple is grown; Gongo Farm in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. This pin has the what3words address sleep.foam.blinding. Once you click on the Gongo Farm pin, you have the option to learn more about this stage of the chain. Clicking on ‘learn about this farm’ will reveal the following:

  • what3words address
  • Farmer’s name
  • Type of crops grown here
  • Farm acreage
  • Q&A – an interview with the farmer, conducted by Jacked Foods

Elven Agri – Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

During the next stop in our traceable supply chain, you’ll have the opportunity to check in with Elven Agri, our processing and packaging partner. They are based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, around 60km away from the Gongo Farm. The what3words address for Elven Agri is (which we think fits them perfectly!). After clicking on ‘learn more’ about Elven Agri, you will find the following information:

  • Role in the supply chain
  • what3words address
  • Annual capacity of dried fruit production
  • Certificates held
  • Number of employees
  • Bio, explaining more about the company
  • Video, providing an insight into their operations (see above)

Dar Es Salaam Sea Port, Tanzania

dar es salaam sea port

The third pin on the map of our traceable supply chain is Dar Es Salaam Sea Port. This is where our dried fruit snacks depart Tanzania and head for UK shores. The what3words address for Dar Es Salaam Sea Port is enlighten.tram.lay.

After clicking on the pin, you will have the chance to learn more about the port, including:

  • Its role in the supply chain
  • what3words address
  • The percentage of Tanzania’s entire sea freight that goes through Dar Es Salaam Sea port
  • Total number of annual vessel arrivals
  • Annual value of cargo passing through
  • Number of employees
  • Other information about Tanzania’s most active sea port

Felixstowe Sea Port, UK

felixstowe sea port

The fourth location in our traceable supply chain is the first in the UK, Felixstowe Sea Port. This is where our dried fruit arrives in the UK, having left Dar Es Salaam Sea Port in Tanzania. The what3words address for this location is self.allergy.widely. Jacked Foods customers who wish to to check out this stop in the supply chain can find the following information by clicking ‘learn more’:

  • Its role in the supply chain
  • what3words address
  • The percentage of Britain’s sea freight that goes through Felixstowe Sea Port
  • Total number of annual vessel arrivals
  • Annual value of cargo passing through
  • Total number of employees
  • Other information about Felixstowe Sea Port

BoroughBox – London, UK

borougbox employees with jacked foods products

The final location in the supply chain is located in the home city of Jacked Foods, London. BoroughBox stores our dried fruit products and sends the pouches out to customers. If you are a BoroughBox subscriber, you will be accustomed to their offerings and our dried fruit!

We love working with BoroughBox and are pleased to announce that you’ll be seeing our new range in their boxes. The what3words address for BoroughBox is candy.oven.reason. You can find out the following about BoroughBox, through our from farm to finger page:

  • Its role in the supply chain
  • what3words address
  • Year founded
  • Number of employees
  • Services offered
  • About BoroughBox

Jacked Foods’ Fight Against Deforestation

When you buy a pouch of dried fruit from Jacked Foods, not only will you have the option to discover the journey your product has been on, but you’ll also be planting a tree. This is because we plant a tree for each pouch we sell, helping to reverse deforestation across east Africa. You can find out more about our buy a pouch and plant a tree initiative by following the link.

Jacked Foods’ Traceable Supply Chain – Enjoy The Journey

We hope you have enjoyed discovering how Jacked Foods and what3words have partnered to provide a transparent and traceable supply chain. Should anything change in our supply chain, we’ll be sure to update our website so that you stay in the loop. If you have any questions for us, whether it relates to our supply chain, dried fruit products or anything else, please contact us today. A member of our friendly team will happily answer your query.

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