Jacked Foods provide products that make the perfect gifts for any occasion. Gifts to show that you care can be provided in many forms, but we think they’re all the more meaningful when they taste great, are friendly to the environment and won’t break the bank! It might be the case that you’re buying for someone who absolutely loves our range or you may be providing their very first taste of Jacked Foods. Either way, we’re sure they’ll be appreciative of our snacks!

When To Consider Gifting Jacked Foods Products

Customers have gifted our dried fruit products for a whole host of reasons in the past and we always love hearing about the occasion. With varying flavour combinations available, there is something to satisfy all tastes in our dried fruit range. Here are just some of the occasions in which a Jacked Foods product makes a great healthy gift:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day – although you don’t have to wait until February 14th to provide a romantic gesture courtesy of Jacked Foods!
  • Weddings
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • As part of a ‘thank you’ for attending sentiment
  • Congratulations on your new job
  • Employee recognition
  • At expos

Gifts Suitable For Vegans

If you’re looking to provide a vegan gift, you’re in the right place. Grown in Tanzania, a part of the world where we help to reverse deforestation through tree planting, our dried fruit is not only delicious but sourced responsibly. As an environmentally conscious organisation that plants a tree for every pouch sold, it’s important to us that our products are good for our consumers as well as for the planet. 

Whether you choose our dried banana with cinnamon, dried mango with lime, dried jackfruit with lemon and lime, dried pineapple with grapefruit or a combination of the four flavours, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be giving a gift suitable for vegans. All of the products are marked with the vegan-friendly seal of approval. Take a look through the vegan gift section of our website to discover more on how our dehydrated fruit makes for such a warmly received gift for vegans.

vegan friendly sign

Corporate Gifting

Looking to reward performing employees? Wanting to impress current or prospective clients? Out to make a splash at an expo? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Jacked Foods can help! Besides offering your stakeholders a tasty dried fruit snack that is nutritious and low in calories, you can also show that your organisation is aligned with good ethics. As an ethical provider with a fully traceable supply chain, affiliation with Jacked foods can show to others that you also care about the environment and ethical sourcing. 

Say goodbye to offering mundane gifts such as pens, USBs and draw bags and and say hello to exciting corporate gifts in the form of our dried fruit pouches. In business, making a sustained impression on stakeholders is required to be successful and our pouches can play a small part in achieving objectives such as employee retention, developing new business and retaining existing partnerships. What’s more, our vibrant branding will stand out in any corporate environment, acting as a conversation starter and a way of engaging people.

Ideal For Adding To Hampers

Our dehydrated fruit snacks are a fantastic addition to hampers or gift baskets. So, if you’re wanting to compile your own hamper, consider adding our affordable, healthy and fully recyclable pouches. Jacked Foods is currently partnered with BoroughBox and our products have been a mainstay in their hampers for some time now. If you’re a hamper provider and think that our products would fit nicely into your hampers, get in touch with us by phone, email or contact form to discuss a partnership.

Gifts From Jacked Foods

We hope you enjoy giving our products as gifts and that the recipient is equally as happy to receive them! If you have any queries about our product range and giving our pouches as memorable gifts, we’re here to answer them, on 07756013593. Our friendly team is always on hand to provide support and provide more information about our company.