Buy A Pouch & Plant A Tree

Our founders saw first-hand the devastating effects of deforestation in East Africa, as they passed whole forests that had been cut down for fuel and to make way for agriculture. 

According to Annet Nakyeyune, an environmentalist at Uganda’s Makerere University, deforestation is likely to affect the region’s food security as rainfall will be erratic and floods rampant. Deforestation also has a negative impact on biodiversity and carbon sequestration. 

With the help of our customers, we are fighting back by planting a tree for each pouch we sell. Together, we can restore whole forests and, with that, have a positive impact on food security, biodiversity and climate change. 

With over 10,000 trees already planted, Jacked Foods is proud to be carbon negative – meaning as a company we take more carbon out of the air than we emit. To all of our of customers – thank you!


trees planted to date

Sustainability and care for the environment is central to everything that we do at Jacked Foods. That’s why we’re committed to tree planting in areas across East Africa that have been affected by deforestation on a mass scale, including Uganda and Tanzania

Whatever the future holds for Jacked Foods, we’re committed to helping the environmental landscape of the areas from which we source our dried fruits. If you wish to learn more about our tree planting initiative and how we achieve the planting of a tree for every pouch we sell, contact us via online form, phone or email. 

Discover Our Ethically Sourced Snacks

At Jacked Foods, we realised that we needed a collection of tasty and ethically sourced snacks that customers can enjoy and, in doing so, support our fight against deforestation. We’ve taken the time to trial and perfect four new dried fruit products, each with a mouth-watering flavour combination. We also have a selection box, which contains a selection of each of our newly released range. 

So, why not give our new product range a try today? You’ll get to enjoy a healthy, tasty snack all the while knowing that you’re helping us plant more trees in areas affected by deforestation.